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• Showcase – 7 minute demo-only presentations…no PowerPoints
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• Networking events to get the industry together over a drink

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Melbourne Showcase

The Afiniation Showcase Melbourne was held on Thursday 14th April at the Grand Hyatt Savoy Ballroom.

It was an amazing day of innovation. 30 of the smartest FinTech innovators, hand-picked by our select committee, demonstrated their technology.

To read more about the event click here

For the full list of winners and their presentations, click here
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Latest News

July 6, 2016

CXi Software Brings Financial Services Heavy-Hitters to Advisory Board

Afiniation’s Melbourne Showcase presenter CXi Software (“CXi”) has appointed three senior financial markets executives to its advisory board. Ed Stockdale, […]
June 29, 2016

Zero Marginal Cost – The Ultimate Fintech Disruption?

Where is the fintech space headed in the next few years?  What are the mega-trends that could have an impact […]
May 23, 2016

Financial Mappers addresses the challenges in designing software for the consumer

In the past, sophisticated financial planning software has been available only to professionals, who had to undergo comprehensive training in […]

Member Feedback

  • The Afiniation Showcase in Melbourne was the perfect vehicle for the launch of Coredination APAC. Great audience of senior decision makers and a well organised event. We were especially delighted to win an award at the launch of our Mobile Adviser solution.    
    Eric Sigurdson
  • it was a very strong field so we were pleased to have rated so highly. The Afiniation showcase is a key platform for Fintech leaders to demonstrate their innovation, and we are proud to be part of it
    Bruce Wren
  • We would like to thank Afiniation for providing the opportunity to showcase Billsumo. We are delighted to be awarded ‘Best New Entrant’ by the judges, which recognises our commitment to being one of the best banking technologies to hit the Fintech market.
    Glenn Seri
  • "As a New Zealand startup breaking into Australia, Afiniation was a great way to get in front of 100+ peers in our field. The contacts and exposure have given us a leg up in a new market. I'd thoroughly recommend it for any startup looking at growing exposure to the fintech market as an efficient way to show the key people in the industry what you can do."
    Jason Gleason
    Eight Wire
  • "The Afiniation event was a successful event for us - it increased awareness of Einsights in the market, and generated a number of new leads. I would recommend it to anyone working in financial services."
    Ben Lindsay
  • “What made Afiniation so fantastic was the energy in the room and getting up to speed on the FinTech industry in 1 day. And the Ivy Ballroom was the perfect host. Well done and looking forward to the next one.”
    Mark Clayton
    Ignition Wealth
  • “The Afiniation Showcase provided us with an outstanding opportunity to introduce capitalU to the world. It also gave us fantastic networking opportunities with fellow innovators, corporates and journalists”
    Josh Golombick
  • "Afiniation was a tremendous event for SuiteBox. Very professionally organised. It enabled to us really raise our profile with clients and with investors and we are still reaping the rewards months later."
    Richard Mannell
  • "Really great range of fintech providers on display, many of which we never would have been aware of without Afiniation"
    Toby Potter
  • "If you run a wealth advisory or securities brokerage business, the Afiniation Showcase is a must attend event. Here you can learn how Fintech can add value to your customers and business. There are many partnership opportunities that can deliver innovative tools and services to clients and also improve operational efficiency."
    Danielle Henderson
    Financial Services Consultant
  • “Since the Showcase we have met with a number of leading financial services firms who attended and a number of promising conversations have resulted. The Showcase was also a great opportunity to hear what other fintech firms / start-ups (you can insert the word you want here) are up to. We made some great contacts and are exploring a couple of exciting partnership opportunities that will further build out the functionality of our solution. We would definitively recommend fintechs grab a spot at the next Showcase."
    Scott Machin
  • “We're glad to have presented and exhibited at the Afiniation Showcase in Sydney. We formed a strategic alliance with a key financial research provider that we had been keen to work with as a direct result of the networking opportunities provided during this fantastic event."
    Doug Morris
  • "Presenting at the Afiniation Showcase in Sydney was a door opener that has given us an entry to leading financial institutions, We got loads of really good leads and are in serious discussions with Citi, HSBC, Westpac and AIST to name a few. We would not have been able to secure this without the opportunity the Afiniation Showcase offered."
    Bruce Wren
  • “Afiniation showcase in Sydney provided us an opportunity to meet other FinTech startups who also believe just like HashChing that the financial industry is ready for disruption. We identified a potential partnership opportunity with another business which wouldn’t have been possible without attending Afiniation showcase.”
    Atul Narang
  • When I talk partner, we have signed up with the largest US based Fx margin broker listed NASDAQ - we go global immediately and ML ^2 programs are not replicable, so we can own the space kinda good spot, so Afiniation pushed us into FXCM at many levels.
    Richard Goers
    Managed Leverage


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